SAP Sales Automation

Give your people the freedom to do what they do best

Pull everything you need to make selling a success into one place and take the daily grind out of data and admin work. With SAP Sales Automation, your sales teams get the data and information they need in one solution, available wherever they are, on any device and on every platform, so they can make every interaction count.

Our advanced mobile cloud CRM solution means they spend more time selling and thinking of new, creative ways to sell – and less on admin. All that organized, easy-to-digest data means they get to know the customer better, too. So your relationships with your customers get stronger and last longer.


A day in the life of a sales rep

See how SAP Sales Automation makes it easy for your sales team to work on the move, updating and managing forecasts as they visit customers and close deals.


Sales managers: Monitor and guide your rockstar sales teams

Find out how SAP Sales Automation gives your best people the tools and guidance to do their jobs – and how it helps you to nurture, manage and support them more effectively.

SAP Sales Automation: solution overview

Key customer and business information is always at your fingertips, even when you're offline, so you never have to say: "I'll get back to you."

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Sales Automation: key features

Feature 1

Real-time analytics, out-of-the-box interactive dashboards and embedded reports with real-time content mean sales people can drive the right opportunities to close while steering clear of unwanted surprises.

Feature 2

Account and opportunity management allow users to make fast account updates, get complete customer intelligence and keep everyone in the loop in every customer conversation. They can quickly scan a business card from any mobile device to create a lead or opportunity.

Feature 3

Predictive analytics quickly identify top account influencers and bring them into the sales process. Machine learning with lead and opportunity scoring enables sales to focus on deals that have a higher propensity of closing, to maximize the chance of winning the deal.

Feature 4

Discover new opportunities with real-time lead scoring. This shows you which leads are more likely to close successfully, with each one given a number based on similar opportunities that have led to a sale in the past. The higher the number, the higher the chance of success.

Feature 5

Find the team members with the best and most relevant client relationships, so you can ensure that the right people are on the right deal.

Feature 6

Work more efficiently with everyday office tools. Integration with Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes and Evernote means customer information and notes sync automatically.

Feature 7

Automatically push information such as pricing and quotes to sales people so they don't have to hunt for it.

Feature 8

Keep your sales people informed with everything they need to know about a company – from finances to stock levels – all pulled automatically from SAP ERP and CRM systems.

SAP Sales Automation: related content

Update your sales forecast on the go

Update your sales forecast on the go

See how the use-anywhere ability of SAP Sales Automation gives your team the ability to update sales forecasts in the field, so you stay updated and in control.

SAP Sales Automation

SAP Sales Automation

Try a version of SAP Sales Automation for 30 days, for free. SAP Sales Automation, starter edition, features many of the same capabilities as our enterprise cloud sales solution – it’s the perfect way to discover what SAP Sales Cloud can do for you.

Understanding Customers Better with SAP Sales Automation

Understanding Customers Better with SAP Sales Automation

In today’s competitive market, success depends on being quicker than the competition. Hear how with SAP Sales Automation, MAN Diesel & Turbo now ensures that customers are always at the heart of what they do.