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Product Tour: Enable Sales with the Right Content, Training and Coaching to Win Every Time

Eliminate hours of dead selling time with a single source of effective, searchable content.

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CallidusCloud’s Enablement is centered on the ability to transfer knowledge by making the right knowledge assets, tools, subject matter experts, and resources available to the sales channels at the right time. Sales and partners enjoy more powerful conversations with buyers that rapidly advance the sale.

Take a tour to see how Enablement creates a single source for relevant, high performing sales knowledge:

  • Improve win rate by understanding what content is relevant to your prospect
  • Reduced sales cycle length by eliminating wasted selling time searching for needed content
  • Detailed analytics to understand what content is used and how it is being used
  • Integrated communication
  • Better understanding of customer and buyer behavior with detailed analytics on who’s viewing what content, and when


Take a tour of CallidusCloud Enablement, and see how to boost the effectiveness of your sales team and channel partners!

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