Digital Collaboration Tools

So Many Collaboration Tools, So Little Time for Adoption…Until Now

Digital collaboration tools have become essential in today’s on-the-go business culture. Yet all too often these tools create a stifling bottleneck where free-flowing ideas and purposeful productivity should exist. The reason this happens is that while all organizations know what these well-intended time-savers are and why they should have them, the truth is that many organizations don’t take the time to discover HOW to best use the ones they have put at their disposal.

Research shows that despite the ample accessibility of collaboration tools, there are some elementary factors that go into this disconnect:

1. Assumption of how the software works

One of the main reasons for the wide appeal of such collaboration software is their ease of use. However, employers make a mistake when they assume that all of their employees already know how to use the tools and are already using them. They do not feel the need to further train their staff.

Employers need to make sure that they formally communicate all the uses and benefits of collaboration tools to all of their employees in order to reap as much of the benefits as possible. Workers need to know that sharing files and documents is not their only purpose. At most organizations, collaboration tools are only used for writing, sharing, and editing files whereas actually, they can be used for a number of other purposes like discussing the documents or project plans and making the document/paper available to people working in different departments. As a result, new and inventive ideas come up, which will help the worker to improve his/her work, and when such practices become common among all employees, the company will surely benefit and grow.

2. Considering training as a “cost” and not an “investment.”

Another obstacle in the adoption of collaboration tools is the misperception that their cost is more than the benefits they bring. Many people, who are not aware of the advantages of collaboration tools, consider using them as a waste of their time, not realizing that they can actually do their work faster if they took the short time to fully learn the software features and functions. To skirt what they believe to be “costs,” employers hedge their bets on the assumption that collaboration tools will become viral among their employees and that the required training will simply leak into the day-to-day activities.

Employers, no matter what their business is, need to consider these factors while introducing digital collaboration tools into their organizations to make sure they get all the benefits. CallidusCloud provides collaboration tools that may be useful for your company, so don’t hesitate to contact us for getting user-friendly collaboration tools within your budget.

Digital Collaboration Tools

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