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2 Use Cases of Enterprise Content Management

A dominant challenge encountered by large organizations today is enterprise content management. It’s a relatively new challenge that popped up in the last couple of decades. Surprisingly, the field is also one of the lowest hanging fruit that organizations can embrace and manage to ensure your organization’s processes function smoothly without any hiccups. There are many industries where Enterprise Content Management software has proven its value in increasing efficiency and in staying compliant with regulations. Here in this article we discuss how enterprise content management has positively affected the insurance, architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

Enterprise Content Management in Insurance

The insurance sector is one of the most important sectors in any economy, as it fulfills an important task of assuming others’ risk in exchange for a fixed stream of payments known as premiums. The insurance claims process takes significant time to settle if producers aren’t enabled with an enterprise content management installed in their insurance organization. Manual and inefficient processing of claims demonstrates the inefficiency of the organization. For this reason many insurance companies, both big and small, have purchased and installed this software, so that they are better able to quickly serve their producers. This simple fix – an enterprise content management system – helped eradicate inefficiencies from insurance companies and make them more productive and efficient than ever before.

Enterprise Content Management in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industries

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry accounts for some trillion dollars in revenue in the United States alone. This multi-trillion dollar industry is also revolutionized by enterprise content management software. Revolutionized may be an extreme word, so let’s just say that the ECM software have positively affected the AEC industry. In engineering there are no simple files; rather, complex CAD files that need to be stored and shared quickly among an organization’s engineers to be able to complete projects quickly. Also, state regulations demand that all data be provided to the regulatory authority immediately upon request. This is where enterprise content management software proves its usefulness, because all the data is stored in one central repository and can be accessed immediately for auditing purposes.

The applications discussed above suggest that enterprise content management software will improve the efficiency of your firm and will also help in complying with the regulatory affairs. Find out more about how CallidusCloud’s enterprise content management software can enable your business to boost efficiency and comply with regulations. CallidusCloud is a global leader in providing software services to organizations around the world and has implemented software systems successfully in 4700 firms, including HTC, Barclays, Lenovo and Philips. You can get a live demo of their enterprise content management software for free today.

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