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3 Things to Look Out for When Selecting Sales Enablement Software

The popularity of sales enablement software has exploded as of late and many companies and organizations are investing in sales tools. Sales enablement software is a unified platform of tools that allow your organization to boost profits by enabling your sales team to learn faster, perform better, increase their productivity, implement an effective sales strategy, and tailor the sales process for each prospect. However, as with any software, there are certain features that a good sales enablement software must have. Hence three critical features are discussed below.

1. Ease of Use

This is one of the most important things you should consider looking out for in a sales enablement software. One could say that this is the king of all the features incorporated in a sales tool and without this one key component, your sales enablement software will slowly perish and cause the sales team to become unproductive and sluggish. All the other features fall below it, simply because of one reason: time. The sales team and the marketing department of a company are busy in bringing over new prospects and leads, trying to close deals and opportunities, developing marketing strategies, and creating tools that will aid in the sales of the organization’s products and services; nobody has the time to try to determine how a software works. A sales tool should work and it should be easy to figure out. In other words, the software should be user-friendly or else the sales team might start working around it.

2. Ease of Searching for Information

A sales team that isn’t supported by an adequate amount of just-in-time information that helps them in carrying out a deal successfully results in them spending a considerable amount of time searching for information. A second important feature of sales enablement software is that it should be fairly simple enough to find information, as simple as when you run a Google search; you enter a search term and all the details and associated content related to that word appear. The sales tool doesn’t need to have a typical folder structure, where you keep clicking on folders and subfolders. Having a search tool within the sales enablement software will save time and allow the salesperson to quickly access the right information needed at the correct time.

3. Availability of Graphics

The third key feature of sales enablement software is the use of graphics. All types of software contain graphics and a graphical user interface in one form or another and sales software should be no exception. The implementation of graphics whether in the form of a SWOT analysis or an eBook provides users with a context to search for and lets them easily find information from a displayed list of search results. The graphics should also display different analytics such as statistics on the frequency of use to determine the efficacy of a specific marketing material.

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