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Sales Playbooks

Tips and Tricks to Create Sales Playbooks Your Sales Team Will Love

If your business doesn’t have sales playbooks for your company’s sales rep, you are missing on potential revenue. An article by Jason Jordon and Robert Kelly in Harvard Business School suggested that companies who adopted a formal sales process were able to grow 18% faster a revenue than those who didn’t have one.

But what really are sales playbooks and how do they help in closing more sales as proposed?

A sales playbook is an outline of all the methods, tactics, roles and responsibilities, objectives and goals, as well as metrics for measuring frameworks to approach and close sales for your sales team and you as the owner.

To set your company’s sales reps on the road to success, here are some tips and tricks to make a killer sales playbook for your sales team.

Who you are and what you want

The first most important thing that your sales playbook must provide is an orientation about your business. What it does, what it stands for, what are the values and morals practice and what are the objectives the organization is trying to achieve. More like an introduction about the company’s overall strategy, mission and vision, hierarchical chart, training schedules and rules and regulations to be abided by.

An overview of responsibilities

The next thing your sales reps will be looking for is what will be their roles and responsibilities in helping the organization. Good and well-thought sales playbooks include the roles and objectives of each personal sales representative, expectations the company has of him/her and also details of day to day tasks, and goals.

Knowledge about incentives and commissions:

Another important thing that your sales reps must be eager to know about is how much are they getting paid and also in what means? To make a sales playbook fun, it is important to have a simple commission and incentive structure. Furthermore, you can also map out a career pathway in your sales playbook outlining a realistic stairway to success and promotions if they are able to achieve their set goals. When your reps comprehend what is asked of them, they are more likely to perform better.

Comprehension of buyer personas

The success of any sale depends on how persuasive the sales rep can be to convince his buyer. This persuasion can only come into play if the sales rep knows who his prime targets are and what expectations do they have from the company’s products and services. Therefore, smart sales playbooks provide an overview of your customer base. For a recruiting firm, their targeted customers may be CEO’s and managers of that grade. In addition, your sales reps will love your company’s sales playbook if it also provides information on how to research the different steps buyers go through before making a purchase decision.

Knowledge of products, and services and their price structures

Your sales reps need to be efficient enough to learn by heart all the products and services you offer, what are their prices and how much does each product purchase offer them in commission. If they don’t know about the products you manufacture or how much price points they get on each sale they make, they will stay confused. Before sending them in the field to represent your organization, make sure they have them memorized.

Life-saver notes on how to make the most of your day:

There is no harm in including little pieces of vital information such as when is the best time to make calls, how to make calls, tips on prioritizing high-end leads, persuasive emails, how to make the most of your time and day etc. This should be a must-include chapter in your sales playbook unless you want your sales reps to waste resourceful time running after leads that will not get you or your company anywhere.

Help your company stay ahead of its competitors and efficient use of its human resource available, by allowing them to make guided sales in real time and improve overall productivity of the organization by choosing sales playbooks designed by CallidusCloud. For more information or to request a meeting, make sure to stop by our website and browse through our extensive portfolio.



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