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It's Ok to Be Selfish

How to Enable Sales Reps to Succeed

Enable Your Sales Reps to Succeed!

Sales “enablement” means 1000 different things to 1000 different people but at the end of the day there’s only one goal – to ensure sales can sell. That’s why it’s ok for sales reps to be a little selfish – they rely on other people and departments to get their deals done. The tools, systems, people, and processes that are put in place need to work together in order to support sales reps. Reps need to be enabled from day one to start selling.


In this webcast you’ll learn how to transform your sales performance by ensuring sales reps:

  • Are properly on boarded and quickly productive.
  • Sell value over price.
  • Get what they need from other departments.
  • Are properly motivated throughout the sales cycle.
  • Are equipped with an integrated revenue enablement system (we’ll give you the blueprint!).


  • Gerhard Geschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
  • Craig Nelson, Founder & Principal, Sales Enablement Group
  • Jennifer Kling, Product Marketing/Sales Enablement Manager, CallidusCloud

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