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5 Frustrations Holding Your Sales Team Back

And How to Fix Them

Break down barriers to your sales team’s success!

Your team needs information, coaching, collaboration and collateral in all sorts of places – in conference rooms, hotels and taxis – and on a timeline that works with their deals. The right marketing or finance information, product training or guidance could make the difference between winning and being a runner-up. The frustration builds each time a team member can’t access what they need, when they need it and when it will be most vital to closing a deal.

In this webinar, we talk about 5 frequent frustrations that your sales team has when they are not optimally enabled to perform their best, and how to alleviate them:

  1. Not having the right material at the right time
  2. Unable to get info on-the-go
  3. Too many vendors, not enough functionality
  4. Being blind to crucial data and activity from other departments
  5. Unable to get training, guidance and collaboration when they are needed

Who should watch?

Sales leaders interested in breaking down barriers to your team’s success.


  • Speaker: Jennifer Kling, Product Marketing Manager, CallidusCloud
  • Speaker: Mark Tasseel, Vice President, Sales Enablement, CallidusCloud


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