Watch this webinar ondemand to learn from our panel of top Sales Operations Executives who have faced, are facing, and are solving some of the thorniest challenges you’ll face in 2016.

Sales operations leaders play a crucial role in translating firm objectives into actionable sales force plans and programs and ultimately achieving sales growth.

In fact, recent research from the Sales Management Association shows that sales operations’ responsibilities are expanding, and that sales operations departments face increasing pressure to deliver both strategic and tactical assignments. With this expanding responsibility comes a need to identify the best ways to reconcile competing responsibilities while improving sales productivity.

A few areas we covered include:

  • Incentive compensation and performance management
  • Sales force development
  • Streamlining onboarding
  • Tips and tricks to automate day to day tactical tasks


  • Speaker: Christine Dorrion, VP Sales Operations & Enablement, CallidusCloud
  • Speaker: Diana Weigand, Sales Performance Consultant, Miller Heiman
  • Moderator: Robert J. Kelly, Chairman, Sales Management Association

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