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SPM Sales Coaching Product Tour

Analysts say 51% of sales forces are underperforming. Do you know what separates your best sales people from the rest and are you armed with the right insight to coach for success?

CallidusCloud’s SPM (Sales Performance Manager) is an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement solution that streamlines coaching programs to increase productivity and drive sales performance.

Key features include:


  • Set goals and align with company objectives
  • Uncover gaps in sales performance and behavior
  • Identify causes of any gaps in sales person’s selling skills
  • Define action and effectively coach tasks and assignments for corrective action
  • Evaluate performance and create proper accountability

Learn how SPM can help you automate your coaching process and develop individual sales performance dashboards for reporting on soft skills and KPIs.

Take The Product Tour Now!

Take The Product Tour Now!

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