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Introducing the Sales Performance Manager QuickStart Package

Watch this webinar to learn the fastest way to start sales coaching, lift quota attainment and improve visibility into sales performance.

In the era of the complex B2B sale, every major sale involves multiple decision makers, elongated selling cycles, and ever-more informed customers. This presents sales reps with a golden opportunity to be a trusted, respected, and valuable advisor to the buyer through a labyrinthine buying cycle. But for this companies have to know how their sales reps are performing and coach them to put their best foot forward.

CallidusCloud offers you the quickest way to adopt coaching. We are excited to show you our most recently launched, Sales Performance Manager (SPM) QuickStart Package that can help you hit the ground running so you can transform your B players into A players.

The SPM QuickStart Package by CallidusCloud packs in the most-demanded starter features and can be implemented in a matter of two weeks. The SPM QuickStart Package streamlines coaching to make it easy and effective, delivering performance visibility and transparency across the sales organization with up-to-date dashboards, reporting, and analytics.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  •  The value of coaching and why you should care about it
  •  What is the quickest way to deploy coaching in your organization?
  •  Key benefits to sales leaders, managers, and sales reps
  •  The value of rich performance data
  •  Get a live walkthrough of the SPM QuickStart Package

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