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CallidusCloud Education and Training Services offers a comprehensive set of courses that enable students to become proficient in the implementation, administration and use of CallidusCloud solutions.   Our recommendation for any project team members and administrators of CallidusCloud solution is to include training before, during and after the implementation process to ensure they possess the required skills and knowledge to use the software effectively.

Our training is delivered in various formats:

  • eLearning – Recommended starting point for your foundational product knowledge
  • Knowledge Nuggets – Quick 3 to 5 minute videos on specific topics for each product
  • CU Live – Live instructor led virtual class with published schedule on CallidusCloud University
  • Onsite Training – Instructor led class up to 12 participants including product immersion with hands on Labs
  • End User Toolkit – Self guided training for end users – Sales, Sales Management and Sales Operations

CallidusCloud University - Single unified platform for all your CallidusCloud product training needs.


For additional information on Training Services, contact