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CallidusCloud Certification is an industry recognized professional designation in the fields of Sales Performance Management and Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM). Become familiar with the program and set yourself up for success.

About the Certification Process

Most EIM professionals want to gain an understanding of how long it takes to obtain CallidusCloud Certification, and there are several factors involved with estimating successful completion of the programs’ requirements. In general, the CallidusCloud Certification process is not meant to be fast-tracked. Additionally, the designation of CallidusCloud Certified cannot be earned just by participating in our classes. If you are new to CallidusCloud products and the EIM field, it will take time and commitment. In some cases, new EIM professionals working with CallidusCloud products will wait several months before registering for advanced certification exams. If you have extensive field experience with CallidusCloud and related software products, you could achieve successful completion much sooner.

CallidusCloud Exams

CallidusCloud exams are challenging. More specifically, advanced certification exams test for knowledge gained through hands-on implementation experience. In addition to attending CallidusCloud Certified training courses, individuals who have gained a depth of knowledge through implementation experience should be well prepared to register for and pass advanced exams. As you research the certification requirements specific to the track you’re pursuing, you will find classes that are strongly recommended. It’s important to note that attendance in advanced courses does not automatically mean you will pass the CallidusCloud exams. Additionally, not all advanced exam questions and test scenarios come directly from the content taught in our courses. While some course content is tested in exams, every advanced certification exam is written with an expectation of hands-on experience, and the ability to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to various scenarios.

Tips for Success with CallidusCloud Certification

  • Participate in all Strongly Recommended CallidusCloud Certified training courses relevant to the track being pursued.
  • Don’t rush into taking advanced CallidusCloud certification exams if you don’t feel prepared. For example, some individuals find a great deal of success by working extensively with CallidusCloud products at their place of work or current implementation project prior to registering for advanced exams.
  • Focus on a specific certification track, and set realistic goals for successful completion of its requirements.
  • Review the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) requirements when registering for certification.

Getting Started

For more information on the CallidusCloud Certification program, please download the Certification Guide.

To get started on your certification path today, click here to submit the Certification Request Form.