Producing training content requires a broad range of skills, often including HTML5, CSS3, Flash, JavaScript, PowerPoint and more. Do all your developers have all those skills? Fortunately, the right tool will make up for most skill gaps in your organization.

Life By PowerPoint

Part of the appeal of PowerPoint is its flexibility: Any look and feel or interaction you can think of, you can create. Unfortunately, when multiple developers collaborate on content creation, its flexibility can sometimes result in long development times and various styles that create a disjointed experience. Look for a tool that makes PowerPoint easy and removes some of the points of flexibility to enable a common look and feel for all developers.

  • Ask the same 10-15 questions to each candidate for the same job.
  • Give 30 seconds to answer each question. Consider services like SalesSelector.

“ The right tool will make up for most skill gaps in your organization. ”

A flexible but form-based template model can be just the thing to create great training content. Look for a course authoring tool like Litmos. The Litmos Author Marketplace houses templates to choose from, or you can build your own template. Look for a tool that enables you to convert each slide into a Flash movie, or to build a Flash movie in Adobe Flash, or build a Flash movie with other tools.


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