Unlike traditional office-based workers, your field force is out on the road, calling on prospects and buyers. They want and need learning delivered in this “always on the go” environment, just in time and when needed.Meeting this demand has created new and unique challenges for today’s sales enablement and training providers – how do you distribute effective and impactful learning on mobile devices? Plus how do you track learner progress and get reporting on what is being used by the field?

Online, Offline, What’s the Difference?

For best ROI, distribute training online so your learners can access it anywhere at any time on any device. Your learners won’t have any software to download, creating an easy experience that will encourage ongoing education.

Real-time reporting makes it easy to see who’s completing training and what the most effective methods are.

“ The right tool will make up for most skill gaps in your organization. ”

A flexible but form-based template model can be just the thing to create great training content. Look for a course authoring tool like Litmos. The Litmos Author Marketplace houses templates to choose from, or you can build your own template. Look for a tool that enables you to convert each slide into a Flash movie, or to build a Flash movie in Adobe Flash, or build a Flash movie with other tools.


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