Build Role-Based Portals for Information Sharing

Imagine this scenario. Your best salesperson is trying to close a big deal with a prospect in Peoria, Illinois. The prospect is almost ready to sign on the dotted line, but needs a bit more proof your company can deliver what you are promising. There are two recent case studies that no doubt would alleviate these concerns. The problem? You rep does not know they exist. Lost in the mountains of marketing material she receives week-in and week-out, stuck in a file stored on her hard drive in the PC she left at the office.

With competitors also fighting for the deal, your salesperson needed this content in real time.Sales people spend less than 45% of their time actually selling[1] – and right now, that asset is the difference between a big sale and a lost deal. This is a key imperative for the sales enablement professional of today – ensuring reps can find the right asset and the right time in order to move a deal towards closure.

Welcome to Role-Based Portals

Making content easily accessible through role-based portals can have a measurable impact on revenue attainment. So how can you bring that kind of revenue increase into your organization? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Make it mobile, so the people who need it can access it instantly
  • Make it update in real time so everyone who uses it is using the same (newest) version
  • Make it role-based so assets and information are easy to find and proprietary documents don’t get shared
  • Make it measurable – less 20% of companies using a portal are able to measure usage[2]
  • Make it intuitive – 10% of documents are lost or misfiled at an estimated cost of $360 each[3]

Sales managers spend two full hours per day just looking for data, most of which is worthless. Why not use that time to bring in some cash? Fortunately, you were smart enough to have a portal online. That deal? She nailed it.

[1] Gartner Research, How to Analyze Your Sales Processes on Efficiency Versus Effectiveness, 2012[2] DemandGen, Calculating Sales Enablement’s Impact on Profitable Revenue Generation, 2009[3] DemandGen, Calculating Sales Enablement’s Impact on Profitable Revenue Generation, 2009