Optimize SEO, Web Presence and Lead Intelligence

Is your website attracting new visitors? Are visitors coming back? Search Engine Optimization used to be title tags, headlines and anchor text. But it’s much more than that: It’s everything you do – on your website and off of it – that generates website visitors. Most of all, it’s content. Create content that provides real value, continually optimize SEO, and sophisticated search engines will reward you.

Refreshing content counts too. A blog is great way to add new content, continue to add value, establish a voice, attract traffic to your website, and generate leads. Finally, traditional outbound tactics are not dead. Email campaigns, webcasts, trade shows and other time-tested techniques continue to generate leads, but they could use help from better list building, targeting, and optimized landing pages.

Don’t be a social media wallflower

So you have great web content and calls to action, great campaigns and a full event schedule. Even with great SEO, you need to push your messaging out to the public. That’s one place where social media comes in. It’s a great way to reinforce your voice, attract visitors, monitor what others are saying, and engage your customers. Be sure to leverage a social media monitoring and analysis tool for best results. Not sure it’s worth the investment? Consider that social media accounts for one out of every six minutes spent online[1].

“ Not sure social media is worth the investment? Consider that it accounts for one out of every six minutes spent online.”

Develop lead intelligence

What about your anonymous visitors who don’t fill out a form? With most marketing automation systems, those visitors fall out of your lead capture system like water out of your rain gutter. Consider a tool like LeadFormix, which can turn those otherwise anonymous visitors into actionable leads in your marketing automation system. The result can open the top of the funnel, often doubling your leads.

[1] HubSpot, How to Use Social Meda to Generate Leads, 2012

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