Provide a Sales Enablement Platform to the Field

Marketing creates great content for sales enablement, but Sales can’t find it, and Marketing gets frustrated that its content isn’t being used. To fill the gap, some salespeople create their own assets – which gets confused with approved content. Other salespeople email Marketing for the latest datasheets or case studies, causing delays and putting deals at risk.

Does this sound familiar?

From Treasure Hunt to Treasure Trove

CDW has been helping people get the best from their technology investments for more than 25 years.When CDW presented at Forrester’s Forum for Sales Enablement Professionals in February 2013, Joe Levin, the company’s Head of Sales Enablement, listed the many benefits of reducing four disconnected portals to one in his presentation: From Treasure Hunt to Treasure Trove:

  • Reducing content searches from days to minutes
  • Increasing users 47%
  • Increase quarterly visits 28%
  • Reducing content 93%

He also listed six key elements of a successful sales enablement portal:

  1. Begin the integration process with shared goals that drive business results.
  2. Build alignment. It is as important as building the site.
  3. Listen. Give each stakeholder a voice.
  4. Build your case, understanding all of the obstacles to overcome.
  5. Drive simplicity. And simplicity is the result of a lot of hard work.
  6. Use feedback as a road map for future development.

Enabling the Sales Lifecycle

From the moment your salesperson starts pursuing a lead, he needs some proof points to help convince the prospective client: analyst reports, whitepapers, case studies, datasheets and more. No matter how well defined your sales process are, no two sales are the same. Sales needs access to the one place that is:

  • Always updated: Always the latest version of each piece of collateral
  • Role-Based: Information tailored to the needs and role of each person in your company
  • Communicative: So each salesperson is informed when new collateral has been added or updated

Your Sales Enablement system and your CRM system need to work together for maximum benefit:

  • Enable Sales: Ensure every role in the buying process is getting the information they need when they need it.
  • Move the Herd: Understand what content your top performers use at each stage in the sales process and share with average performers to boost overall performance
  • Provide Guidance: Guide your reps to the right content at the right time
“ While sales managers at other companies spend hours every day looking for data, yours can be closing sales”

Early in the sales cycle, your sales executive needs an analyst report to show the prospective customer why she has a need for your product. Later he needs a case study to show the real-world benefits customers have achieved. At closing, he needs a datasheet and a pricing sheet to complete the proposal and quote. Make it all available in the portal in real time – on any mobile device – and give Sales a distinct competitive advantage over the competition.

While sales managers at other companies spend hours every day looking for data, yours can be closing sales[1].

[1] CallidusCloud, >Unlock the DNA of the Ideal Sales Rep, 2012