Quote and Propose Before Your Competition Does

Closing a sale is hard. Competition is fierce, especially when they get desperate and start discounting products. Until you convince them otherwise, many clients think of software products as commodities and price as the only differentiation. How do you overcome this perception?

Knowledge + Speed = Power

Even if your products are superior, the burden of proof is on you. And if you don’t provide some convincing evidence of value before your competitors have started low-balling, you’re going to have a hard time. Look for an online, mobile system that integrates with CRM systems like Salesforce to optimize and automate proposals and quotes based on your client’s needs, price point and technical expertise – and rep productivity. Look for a built-in workflow to work out the finishing touches, produce a quote and get approval from your manager – all in just minutes.

The Value of CPQ

Companies using CPQ solutions retain more than 8% more customers than companies that don’t[1]. Sales organizations are looking at more strategic objectives like deal profitability and order size in addition to traditional sales effectiveness objectives like reducing cycle time and errors. Customer experience holds the greatest opportunity for technical innovation, and 35% of CIOs say their top priority is offering the right product and service to their clients[2].

What sometimes gets lost is the impact a CPQ solution can have on the sales experience due to faster response times, tailored customer interactions, and the perception that you are easy to work with. Besides affecting the sale, a positive interaction can increase the likelihood of a cross-sell or upsell later. In fact, there is a high correlation (71%) between the Customer Experience index (CXI) of a company and customers’ willingness to buy from the company again[3].

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