Use Mobile Learning to Keep Sales Up to Date

You have a couple hours to kill in the airport before your flight to a client site for a meeting the next day. It sounds like a beer and SportsCenter, right? But your client wants to know everything about your incentive compensation product, and you’ve been selling HR solutions until last month. Can you learn the product in time? With the right learning management system you can.

“ Some 90% of eBusiness managers are either responsible for or involved in the planning of a mobile strategy”

Mobile Learning to Provide Value

Like all employees, your sales reps should always be trying to add value to your clients. As a sales manager, you should be enabling that value; and mobile learning makes your sales reps better able to meet client needs at all times.

Through online and mobile training, your sales reps gain many advantages over their competitors:

  • Learn about new product versions: Read release notes, watch videos and complete certification exams.
  • Learn about new products and features: Read internal documents, datasheets, training videos and complete certification tests.
  • Prepare for cross-sell and up-sell: Read analyst reports, whitepapers, datasheets and more to learn how your products work together with your clients’ processes.

A SCORM compliant, mobile, always-on system means you can complete your training from anywhere at any time. A simple, intuitive interface means you don’t have to learn a new system or be a developer. With a product like Litmos Author mLearning Sync, you can download your learning, complete it offline, and sync online later.

Good Training Is Good Management

Some 90% of eBusiness managers are either responsible for or involved in the planning of a mobile strategy[1]. Not only does mobile learning increase efficiency, it makes your selling more effective.

With a good reporting feature, you can closely watch not just when your salespeople start their training, but when they finish and how long it takes them. Increase accountability and effectiveness with a mobile learning management system.

[1] Harvard Business Review, How’s Your Return on People?, 2004