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Solutions for helping your sales teams win and an easy-to-use, continuous learning system for today’s training needs.

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Knowledge is power

There’s little margin for error in our current sales environment. Sales reps need to get up to speed quickly and have the right content and selling points to advance and close deals. That’s why a state-of-the-art sales enablement suite can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Litmos, CallidusCloud’s easy-to-use corporate training system, is also indispensable, not just for sales but for employee compliance, partner learning, and customer training. Litmos has over four million users and helps companies big and small meet their goals for reducing risk, improving productivity, onboarding, and increasing engagement. Our cloud-based solution unifies virtual, classroom, mobile, social, and eCommerce capabilities in a single, secure, and scalable platform.

“CallidusCloud Sales Enablement helps Splunk deliver the right content to its sales team, at the right time, using data.”

Bart Fanelli, VP of Field Success at Splunk


about the new wave of digital learning


the 10 tips for a successful eLearning launch

“Today, we run over $50 million through the Litmos system in terms of training registrations… And, we’ve done well over $200 million in the four years that we’ve been on the platform… We’re extremely happy to be running our commercial training program on the Litmos platform.”

Richard Kerridge, Global Process Training Operations Manager at HPE

Sales Enablement and Learning Solutions

Litmos Learning Management System

Litmos Learning Management System

  • Build online courses

  • Follow learning paths

  • Learn through instructor-led training

  • Take assessments and quizzes

  • Track through reports and dashboards

  • Get feedback through surveys, messages, and notifications

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

  • Access content easily through a content repository

  • Focus selling with Deal Portals

  • Guide sales reps through playbooks

  • Gain access through mobile devices

  • Provide channel access

Litmos Content

Litmos Content

  • Access a huge library of training courses

  • Learn via video

  • Blend content, including workbooks, infographics, factsheets, and more.

  • Discover new courses each week

Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

  • Discover the most effective coaching techniques

  • Customize performance programs with clear objectives

  • Track performance in a dashboard

  • Get feedback through real-time assessments

Litmos Training Ops

Litmos Training Ops

  • Establish certifications

  • Create subscription-based learning passes

  • Offer voucher or credits through pre-paid agreements

  • Process global taxes

  • Support over 100 currencies

  • Manage expenses

Building the Business Case for LMS

Building the Business Case for LMS

Save the World from Boring Learning

Save the World from Boring Learning

Sales Enablement Drives Customer Experience Report

Sales Enablement Drives Customer Experience Report

You’re already on the way to more money, but you could get there faster.

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