Align Sales and Marketing to Produce Leads That Close

Your company may have Marketing, Sales and a CRM system, but do you align Sales and Marketing with a strategy? In many companies, Marketing concentrates on producing the most leads possible while Sales tries to close the highest-quality leads. Often they’re not in sync with each other or with customer buying cycles. As a result, Marketing blames Sales for not closing more deals and Sales blames Marketing for not passing leads that are likely to close.

To get Marketing to produce the most high-quality leads and Sales to close them, get your departments together to align their needs with the enterprise go-to-market strategy. Gartner defines a Sales Performance Management vision as “a view from the top of what a sales-performance-driven enterprise should l00k and feel like,” including growth and how it will evolve[1].

Nurture vs Nurture

After new leads have been scored, your Marketing Department has to make some decisions:

  • Which leads should I discard immediately?
  • Which leads do I start to nurture first?
  • How should I nurture each lead depending on product interest and other factors?
  • Am I dealing with the decision maker?

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