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Quickly Define, Plan & Assign Sales Territories and Quotas

Get Your Complimentary Territory and Quota Planning Toolkit

Do you find yourself buried in Excel spreadsheets, sifting through various databases and franctically trying to consolidate numbers into a plan that makes sense?

Take the first step to revolutionizing the way you manage territory and quota, automate the planning process and motivate your sales reps with the complimentary Territory and Quota Planning Toolkit. This kit, which features a guide, infographic, and a checklist, is a critical and indispensable tool to plan everything territory and quota for you and your sales team.

You’ll find guidance on:

  • How to understand your current process, historical sales performance and value of your territories.
  • Creating account plans and reconciling against overall goals.
  • How to automate the planning process.
  • The ROI of territory and quota management.
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