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A learning platform for every team, division, and company.

Litmos is the world’s easiest to use Learning Management System.

Set up and get started without help from IT

Set up

and get started without help from IT

Create courses in minutes


courses in minutes

Assign courses to learners and track the results accurately


courses to learners and track the results accurately


Litmos has over 4,000,000 users and is used by large enterprise companies, SMBs, and not-for-profits.

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Online Course Creation

Online course creation

When you build a course in Litmos, content is added in the form of modules. You can make students complete all of the modules in order or just leave it open for them to pick and choose. Whether you’re moving from another LMS, you’ve purchased off-the-shelf SCORM content, or you’ve authored it yourself using Articulate, Captivate or any of the other SCORM compliant authoring tools, your SCORM 1.2 content will work perfectly in Litmos.

  • Upload assets: Upload your video files, PowerPoint, or Keynote presentations

  • Create quizzes: Create quick and easy multiple choice, keyword, and essay questions to test comprehension

  • Create surveys: Create surveys easily so you can improve your courses

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Custom Branding

Custom branding

Litmos is a white label learning management system that can be easily customized to fit with your brand. Every Litmos account has a unique website address and custom branded login page, or you can use your own domain.

  • Your logo: Upload your own logo

  • Configurable themes: Use a pre-packaged theme or apply your own theme

  • Connected accounts: Connect multiple Litmos accounts with unlimited customization of each branded account

  • Customizable email templates: Customize your email templates for additional branding control

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Training scheduler

Whether it’s an hour, a day, a week, or recurring, easily set up any live training. Just enter key information, and you’re ready to go! Whether you want face-to-face events and Instructor Led Training (ILT) or to host live training, you can rely on Litmos to schedule and administer your events.

Training Scheduler

Self-registration: Your learners can self-register and pay for an event without you having to lift a finger

Attendance tracking: Record attendance using the clever roll call feature and record an assessment score from each learner

Blended learning: Create a more engaging, blended learning experience for your learners by adding live training to your existing self-paced courses

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“The customers who use our onboarding and training program through Litmos have a six-times higher ROI than those who do not. We’ve reduced the time it takes to on board a customer from 90 days down to 17 days.”

Tom Studdert, VP of Learning and Development, DiscoverOrg

Learner Training Profiles

Learner training profiles

The content, format, and delivery of your training material matters, but your people are the key to the success of your training program. Every person that you set up in Litmos has a unique account and login. You can view the entire training history for every person in your organization at any point in time.

  • Activity feed: On every learner’s profile page is a real time activity feed that shows recent logins, courses completed, emails sent, and much more

  • Bulk import: You can upload up to 5,000 people at a time and even allocate them into groups within seconds

  • Access levels: Activate or deactivate users and nominate each user’s role-based access level

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System Integration

System integration

Use the API to seamlessly share information between Litmos and your other systems. Enable single sign-on so that your people don’t have to remember their Litmos passwords.

  • Litmos marketplace: Check out Litmos Marketplace for a full list of available integrations

  • eCommerce integration: Integrate your account with Shopify and sell your courses online using PayPal to enable automated course registration and payment

  • Analytics integration: Track page views and monitor your sales funnel for eCommerce-enabled courses using Google Analytics (system integration section)

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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics

View drill-down reports to help track progress, view results, and achieve compliance goals. Your training program is only as good as your ability to measure it, and Litmos provides a powerful set of analytics for both aggregate metrics and individual accomplishments.

  • Get a real time view of progress toward training goals

  • Get team-based reports

  • Export your data to PDF or Excel

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Litmos tops the G2Crowd “Best Software for HR Teams 2017” list

Tops G2Crowd’s ‘Best Software for HR Teams 2017’ List

About the G2Crowd Best Software | 2017 lists

On January 16, 2017, the site introduced its “Best Software | 2017’” lists, which highlight the top products for business professionals based on job function and company size, determined by reviews submitted by the product’s users. The lists identify the best software products for salespeople, marketers, IT professionals, customer service reps, developers, HR professionals, business operations professionals, small-business owners, finance professionals, product designers, and administrators.

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